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The Power of Good Advice.

Ron Piscalko is an experienced Senior IT Leader with a record of success in delivering business and technology solutions that revitalize and improve IT functions, positively impact business operations, and increase profitability.

Business Management Services

Taking your business to the next level

The cornerstone of Ron’s success is his ability to apply broad consulting, operational and project experience to a wide range of industries and businesses. He provides unique perspectives to quickly solve business problems and translate leadership vision into results.


Throughout his career, Ron has gained extensive implementation and operational experience, leading cultural and organizational change through highly complex business transformation programs, ERP implementations, information technology projects, and program management.


As a team member and a consultant, Ron takes pride in learning the business, implementing measurements, instilling accountability, delivering results and caring for and growing the most important asset - Our People. As a hands-on leader, he has demonstrated skills in building and managing high performing and collaborative teams of up to 200 and budgets of $100M+.


A smart and passionate individual, Ron has deep passion for his work and a strong desire to deliver value to his clients and business partners. He is always finding opportunities to assist organizations in achieving their objectives.

Areas of Expertise

  • Operations Delivery Management (ODM)

  • IT Service Delivery Management (ITSM)

  • Enterprise Project Planning & Execution  

  • IT Migrations & Integrations 

  • ERP Implementations 

  • Continuous Improvement 

  • Mergers / Acquisitions

  • Cloud Services, SaaS

  • Web-based / Custom Application Development

  • SDLC - Agile, Iterative, Waterfall

  • Change Management / Organizational Alignment

  • Contract & Vendor Management


Our Philosophy

Delivering Value in IT Leadership

Today’s business and economic settings are mandating that companies be able to quickly respond to change, continually improve efficiencies and reduce costs – and do it increasing faster.


Digital Business, Industry 4.0, emerging technologies are disrupting business at a unprecedented pace requiring requiring companies to have a passion for knowing their customers, agility to change rapidly and invest in their people.

Cloud Computing, Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial intelligence are a few of the emerging technologies challenging and disrupting today's businesses. 

Time is Money   


At the end of the day it comes down to experience!

“People who have been there, done that have an immediate and positive impact on the bottom line.”

Ron has seen the “great pain” companies endure when changing processes or implementing new technologies without fully understanding and planning for the impact the transition will have on their business operations. While change may be mandatory in these highly competitive times, Ron has come to understand it is not only about the technology working or producing process flow diagrams, but more importantly working with the business to understand and plan for the People, Process and Technology implications when changing business processes or technology systems.

Ron’s Approach for Delivering Value

  • Clear Understanding of Business Goals and Objectives

  • Establishing Measurements

  • The Right People in the Right Chairs

  • 5 “Ps” – Passion, People, Planning, Process, Performance



Perspectives gathered from those whom Ron has had the privilege to work __________________________________________________________


Ron is a highly experienced results driven Program Manager.  As a key member of NTT DATA / Dell Services Integration Program, he successfully delivered 7 projects on-time and under budget in spite of many challenges and delays, resulting in $500K of bottom-line savings and $800K reduction  in annual operating IT budget.   


Ron was recently recognized by NTT DATA CIO -  “ It is with great pleasure that I share with you that you are the recipient of the FY17 Q3 IT Outstanding Contributor Award!  With this award, we would like to acknowledge your hard work and exceptional contribution to our success.  Your superior leadership towards O365 program in coaching and motivating the team towards success and setting right expectations with leadership, is a perfect example of this behavior!  Derek Smith, NTT DATA VP Non-ERP Applications – June 2018

I had the opportunity to work with Ron on multiple global projects in 2017.  One of the projects involved migrating data for 40,000 people from one company to another as part of the largest technology acquisition/merger in history.


Ron exhibited extreme proficiency with coordinating team events across the globe – down to the smallest detail/task.  His ability to effectively manage people and leverage leadership demonstrated a unique insight into how to achieve results.


Ron’s experience was paramount to the success of the effort and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.  Martin Bradehoft,  The Cloud Movers President/CEO – August, 2017 

Ron and I partnered for 5+ years  managing $20+M IT/BPO services in support of McKesson's clinical and pharmaceutical application products.  Initially, Ron was faced with many service delivery, quality, and customer issues.  Ron was able to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs through staff reorganization, adopting  Agile / Lean practices and improved quality by initiating Six Sigma training for his team - resulting in Customer Satisfaction improving from 3.4 to 4.6/5.    


Ron is an a highly experienced passionate, focused and tireless leader.  I enjoyed my time working with Ron, relationship we built and welcome the opportunity to work with Ron again.   Carren Hannon, Global Sourcing Director, McKesson - July 2016

I am pleased to represent my views of Ron Piscalko, having worked with him in several situations and organizations.  Ron is a results oriented and execution focused Senior Technology Leader. He has a passion for taking on challenges, solving complex problems and has demonstrated success in overcoming barriers to meet project commitments, achieve operational improvement and greater efficiencies in IT operations. Ron is also valued as a business partner; he is respected for his ability to deliver and to provide high integrity and straightforward communications. Ron’s positive contributions to a team will be measured quickly.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, if I can provide any additional information. Kathleen Starkoff,  Chief Information Officer, The Ohio State University - November 22, 2009.

 “Ron and I worked together on Limited Brands INSIGHT project which represented a complete re-engineering of an $11B enterprise from business process through technical implementation. As the head of the overall Technology organization, Ron continued his string of successes on LBI's 'blue chip' inititatives by ensuring our entire technology solution fully met the business needs. I appreciated Ron's personal drive, insistence on high standards and accountability, as well as his hands-on involvement and coaching/mentoring. He's a critical thinker with deep experience that let him see what it really took to get the job done and to lead us there. I would work with Ron again any time, any place. John Schmidt Technical Transformation, Capgemini Consulting - February, 2008

I've worked for Ron during his time at Limited Brands and I've asked Ron to help my firm following his departure from LBI. Ron has led extremely complex, challenging projects, demonstrating an excellent work ethic and a solid combination of technical architecture, application software, and project management methodology skills. He has earned my trust. Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. David Schoettmer hired Ron as a IT Consultant in 2008” - August 16, 2008 

 “Ron is an experienced, results driven IT leader, with an open door policy and a focus on developing high performance teams. His leadership style enables him to empower individuals in making decisions and executing as required. His years of project work and broad experience in the technology industry are assets to any individual, project team, or organization.” J. Schumacher INSIGHT | Manager SAP Enterprise Portal, Limited Brands, Inc. worked indirectly for Ron at Limited Brands - December 12, 2007


 “Ron is an energetic leader with tactical and strategic vision. He is able to focus on multiple areas simultaneously, and achieve results very quickly. He treats his colleagues with respect, but pushes those around him to constantly improve and succeed.”  - David Kieffer, Associate Director, Applications Development, Financials Systems, The Ohio State University reported to Ron at The Ohio State University June, 2009 

Ron is a results driven leader that empowers his direct reports to own and solve any issue that may occur. I would work for Ron anytime and anywhere. He is truly a person that I admire and respect.” Chris Conrad, Enterprise Architecture Lead, Limited Brands, Inc. reported to Ron at Limited Brands - July 17, 2006


Clients Served 

Ron has served a diverse set of industries ranging from entrepreneurial to Fortune 100 and 500 firms in leadership, consultative and operational roles 


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